3D & 5D Russian Lashes

Russian Lashes – the ultimate look in lash extensions

Russian Lashes are the latest lash technique new to the UK, sometimes known as 3D lashes or even 5D lashes, and becoming one of the most sought-after treatments at our salon.  This technique is ideal for ladies that don’t have many lashes and want a fuller look, or even for ladies that want a very glamorous ‘full on’ look.

Ok, so having more than one lash placed on to a host lash isn’t exactly new, layering or feathering as its sometimes known, is a standard technique which most technicians are taught when they do their advanced training.  Not to mention cluster lashes (awful lashes that can cause a lot of damage to your own lashes), so what’s the difference, I hear you say?

These lashes are definitely NOT cluster lashes, cluster lashes are placed along the lash line over several lashes at a time; this is why they can cause so much damage to your own lashes.   Our lashes ‘turn over’ or fall out at different stages during their lash cycle.  If these clusters are stuck over several host lashes, the ones that need to come out can’t because they are held in by the clusters and the glue.  Also the weight of the clusters are very heavy, which most people’s lashes just can’t take, which can cause more damage to the host lashes.

The BIG difference is, Russian lashes are individual lashes that are grouped together and placed on one host lash, each lash being isolated as we do for the standard one to one eyelash extensions, not across several lashes, but the REAL BIG difference is, although they are synthetic mink lashes, they are very fine grade lashes so their combined weight is the same or even less than an average single lash extension.

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