NEW… Double Luxury Massage Room for Two

Heated couches, flickering wall of candles, luxurious High Grade Aromatic Oils and the hands of the most experienced Therapists. You choose what type of Massage you would like and we will create it for you!!

Bespoke full body60 mins£38 per person
Bespoke back, shoulder & neck30 mins£20 per person

Lava Shells Massage

Lava Shells are the World’s first self heating massage tool. A unique innovation in warming spa therapies that relaxes whilst easing muscle and joint aches and pains. Offering the benefits of a hot stone massage but with an added bonus of being eco friendly, the Lava Shell Massage therapy uses 100% genuine recycled Tiger Clam Shells which heat up internally for up to an hour with a patented combination of natural minerals and water.

“The combination of heat and massage delivers the goods. I wandered out on a little cloud” – Daily Telegraph
“The Lava Shell Massage uses polished South Pacific clam shells and hot lava gel to ease tension.” – The Sunday Times, Style
“A seriously stress-busting experience. Amazing!” – Top Santé

Full body60 mins£50
Back & shoulders30 mins£30

Muscular Aches & Pains and Holistic Massage

Deep Connective tissue massage to work out stress nodules, manipulate those over worked muscles & alleviate symptoms of bad posture. Hand free techniques, vibratory or hot stones! You choose.

Full body60 mins£46
Back & Neck30 mins£26

Holistic Essential Oil Top to Toe Massage

The perfect way to improve both mental and physical health.

Full body60 mins£46
Back & shoulders30 mins£26

Body Exfoliator

Vibratory and manual exfoliation followed by a deep hydrating massage. Perfect pre holiday or spray tanning treatment!!!

Full body exfoliation60 mins£40

Fabulous Back Facial Treatment

A delightful back treatment using the delicious Susan Molyneux Aroma Skincare.
Cleanse, Exfoliation, Steam , Hot Towels, Massage and Masque. Best Seller!

Back facial treatment60 mins£40