Consultation Facial

Not sure which facial to choose?
Let one of our Skin Professionals guide you.

• Full skin analysis followed by a Bespoke Skin Treatment…
80 mins – £48

Signature Aromatics Facial

• A 9 level skin treat for relaxation and results.
60 mins – £46

Green Tea Antioxidant Facial

Great for supporting long term healthy, hydrated skin
60mins – £44

Nail & Beauty Clinic in Altrincham, Cheshire

Dermalift Non Surgical Face System  *LIFT *SCULPT *FIRM

A dynamic lifting system which stimulates lazy facial muscles that have shrunk and no longer support facial skin tone. With the use of a micro current this treatment was developed very successfully as a solution to facial paralysis. As a result dramatic results were achieved in the cosmetic therapies!

  • Standard Dermalife Non-Surgical Facial – 60 mins – £48
  • Course of 10 Standard Dermalift (saving £130) 60mins per treatment – £350
  • Deluxe Dermalift Non-Surgical Facial plus infusion mask – 80mins – £60
  • Course of 10 Deluxe Dermalift (saving £170) 80mins per treatment- £430
  • Non-Surgical Eye Lift – 40mins – £35
  • Course of 10 Eye Lift (saving £75) 40mins per treatment – £275
Nail & Beauty Clinic in Altrincham, Cheshire

Medik8 Facials & Peels

A range of products and facial treatments of high strength ingredients that are at the forefront of skin care and available only from highly trained skincare professionals and dermatologists. These scientifically based products are perfect for pigmentation issues, sun damage, age spots, fine lines around the mouth and eyes, open pores and scarring.

Single treatments: £60 – £130
All peels are available in recommended courses of 5

Microdermabrasion at Nail & Beauty Clinic in Altrincham, Cheshire


Corindon crystals are used to remove corneal layers of the skin and allow unrestricted skin renewal. Retinol and C Tetra serums are introduced to complete the skin regeneration.

  • **Diamond Clean Dermabrasion Plus – 60 mins – £48
  • **Course of 5 Diamond Clean Dermabrasion Plus (60 mins per treatment)- £190
  • Mini Dermabrasion – 30mins – £38
  • Course of 5 Mini Dermabrasion (30 mins per treatment) – £150

* *Not all clients are suitable for this amazing treatment. A full consultation is essential.